Minecraft – Pocket Edition: Ultimate Minecraft Experience On The Go

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Minecraft has been popular game for desktop computers. And since its introduction a few years back, it became one of the most loved games of all time. If you have been a Minecraft player ever since, then you’d be happy to know that Minecraft is also found in mobile devices as well.  Officially known as Minecraft – Pocket Edition, this minute size version of Minecraft is the great companion application that you can ever have while playing in your Android device.

Minecraft Pocket Edition has already reached the 1 million download mark and has become one of the hottest games in the Google Play Store to date. The pocket size version of Minecraft still features all the basic elements of its older brother. Players can still create their wildest imaginative houses using the same old blocks that veteran users have come to know and adore.

Minecraft Pocket Edition features two modes namely Creative and Survival Mode. In creative mode you have still have unlimited blocks to choose from. Players can build anything they wish as there are over 36 different blocks to choose from.

You can also even invite your friends to participate in your own creation via local area network. What’s even better, you can save multi-player worlds in your own phone, that’s about different number of Minecraft worlds.  The only downside that is putting Minecraft – Pocket Edition has to be its limitedness. For one thing, worlds generated are not as big as the desktop version, and you can’t craft in the game like you used to do in survival mode.

Consider Minecraft – Pocket Edition as a type of game where you can build on the go, without you having to worry about blocks and stuff.  You can download the game at the Google Play Store for a small fee of X, or get the Minecraft Demo to try it out first on your device.

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