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Draw Cheat (or Something)

There are over a million users of OMGPOP’s sketch drawing application Draw Something.  In a nutshell, the game is downright addictive and perhaps many users have spend countless of hours drawing and scribbling their way to the perfect picture that describes the word.

The aim of the game is simple and that is you need to draw the word that describes it. Some players tend to cheat at the game by simply writing down the word and sending it to the other player. The only known Draw Something cheats is the one mentioned and if there are other ways to do it, it may involve as hacking the application itself.

Draw Something works like this, it pulls out words from a database and feeds it back to the application itself. Words are categorized on how hard it is from easy, medium or hard. The more the complex the word is like the names of celebrity, landmarks, or brands, the more it gets categorized in the hard folder.

Another way to win the game without cheating is by getting a stylus pen. The Galaxy Note is great way to start or if you don’t own a phone like that you could try buying those cheap imitations.

Although there are some ways to get Draw Something answers like cheats and that is by the use of a word generator. There is an application from Wolfram Alpha that does the unscrambling for you. You simply input the words on the widget or application and it will automatically compute the word associated with that anagram.

Another cheat or hint is by closing the application and opening it up again. If you don’t like the word that you have got just simply do the that procedure and a new word will generate during your next turn. That way you can draw the ones that are simple for you to draw.

Download Draw Cheat (or Something)

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