DOOORS – Puzzle Escape Game That Will Surely Keep You Entertained

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If you love some classic brain and puzzle games, then albeit you haven’t tried DOOORS by 989Works. DOORS started out as an iOS game that quickly emerged as a popular game for many casual players for being simple and fun to play with. Finally, DOOORS has now arrive for Android and still remains as popular as ever. With over 1 million downloads at the Google Play Store, DOORS sure is selling like pancakes.

DOOORS is an action packed adventure game for Android in which players need to solve out puzzles and break out of the room. Solve hidden mysteries and escape from room to room.

The game is easy to play and players just need to collect items and tap on the screen as a point of interest. Players objective is to find a way to open the door that is locked in fron them. During the first few levels puzzles can be easy as simple as tapping the door to open or finding a key to unlock it. But as the game progresses certain elements have been added that makes the game far more challenging as well as keeping you hooked up to the game like a magnet.

Some tasks require a bit of skill and thinking and you need to find a way to unlock the door, it could either be shaking your phone, switching off the lights, rolling down a ball, or solving patterns. In terms of graphics, the game is simple with 2D graphics.

DOOORS is highly addictive and could eat countless of hours once you start playing. DOOORs is not just limited for older players but also suitable for young children as well. The game features 50 levels as of now but will be continuously updated during the course of time with new levels. DOORS app is free to download at the Google Play Store.

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