Dooors Cheats App

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For those of you who had a hard time on completing the Dooors – escape game, then we’ve got a treat for you. Dooors Cheats by Neopressac is the ultimate solution for those of you who still have problems beating the game.

The app may be considered as a cheat to progress your way to instantly solve the puzzles in the game. But it does help if you have a handy reference most especially when you are stuck on a level for hours. The Dooors Cheat application is not endorsed or affiliated with the creators of the game but rather it is a fan application made to help users with their problems regarding the game.

The app is simple and it doesn’t have any fancy graphics. Users are treated directly on the specific doors they want to select and they can scroll down their choices. The app is simple to use and users just need to select the appropriate level in which they are having problems. For example if they have a hard time completing level 34, they can either type the level on the search box and the app will automatically narrow down the level for you. Selecting a specific door will automatically lead you to another screen in which you are shown with the solution.

If you are expecting that the app will automatically unlock all the levels for you, then you might be disappointed as it will only show you on how you can solve that particular level. Each solution are explained briefly in texts. So if you are expecting some videos or some screenshots, then you’re out of luck.

Although despite this setbacks, Dooors cheats is still a handy reference guide for you to use in those sticky situations. You can download the Dooors Cheats application absolutely free on the Google Play Store.

This post was written by Twylah Roberts