Be Your Own One-Man Army in Frontline Commando

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If you always been a shooting fan before then Frontline Commando won’t certainly disappoint your senses. Frontline Commando is a third person shooter in which it combines the elements of shoot and cover. With its amazing HD graphics and buttery smooth gameplay, Glu Mobile has once again made a successful title that is addictive and not to mention free to play.

In Frontline Commando, you have different modes to select from. Survival mode is the place where you have to defend yourself from huge waves of enemies until the timer runs out. In Eliminate Mode, players need to kill a specific target. After completing each stage, players are rewarded with money that can be used to purchased weapon upgrades. As the game progresses, the stages become harder and instead give you gold to give you access to more super powered weapons.

The only thing that is keeping this game from achieving from success is the fact of the in-game purchasing. While it is a free game that you can spend fun without spending cash, on the downside it is near impossible to accomplish later levels without acquiring powerful weapons which are only available if you paid for cash.

Users high scores are automatically shared via Game Center social network to keep track with the leaderboards and other players around your network. So participation is rewarded and all of your hard work is constantly tracked.

Although the game is quite difficult for first time players, but definitely it is a fun arcade shooter that is worth your time. The controls might be a little complicated but after a few runs on the game it isn’t that impossible to get used to. Overall, Frontline Commando is an awesome shooter that is fun to play with during those dull moments. You can download the Frontline Commando App absolutely free at the Google Play Store.

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