Addictive Puzzle Game Where’s My Perry Splashes in Google Play Store

Another classical puzzle game is heading to the Google Play Store. From the makers of the well renowned title Where’s My Water, comes another puzzle game known as Where’s My Perry. The said game takes the same format of Where’s My Water but on a completely new level. If you haven’t played the previous game that features Swampy the Alligator, then you’ve probably missing one of the true gems when it comes to brain and puzzle game.

Where’s My Perry will let players play the protagonist, Perry the Platypus, a secret agent who is constantly stuck in transportation tubes. The game involves solving different sets of puzzles as well as an engaging story line that you will definitely enjoy.

The puzzles are similar to that of Where’s My Water that involves player digging around some dirt and configuring various contraptions to help transport the water. Fans of the previous game will not be surprised of the game play, as Where’s My Perry still features the same mechanic of the previous title. Although it may feature some similarity, it still has plenty of originality that makes it a fun game to play.

Puzzles are simple and it involves around carving a path for the water to flow from one point to another. To add little bit of challenge, some puzzles require you to interact with other objects like a block of ice that you need to melt, or zap it so that it will turn to steam and rise to the top level. Physics teachers will definitely love the challenge and this could rather turn out to be an educational game.

Where’s My Perry features 80 levels that spans across different chapters and just like Where’s My Water, it will be constantly updated for new levels. You can download Where’s My Perry at the Google Play Store for $0.99 dollars.

Top 10 News Applications For Android

It is necessary for every individual on this planet to be up to date with all the latest things that are happening in their surroundings. You need to be aware of the changes in your surroundings and must know what is happening around you.

FlipaboardA person can use media such as the television, newspaper and magazines for all the latest updates and news. Often however, people are not able to use these media and that can prove to be a hindrance in their daily routine. How can one obtain the latest news without using media such as newspapers, magazines and television? That’s simple! Thanks to modern technology and smart phones/tablets that run on the Android operating system, people can now obtain the latest news using nothing but their smart phones or tablets! You can obtain the latest news while you are on the move and not at home; all you have to do is to download and use news apps.

Find below an assortment of 10 best news apps for Android. These Android news applications would soon replace the pile of newspapers and magazines on your living room table without letting you lose your passion for news.

  • BaconReader for Reddit- Reddit is an infamous social news website and this application offers all the news from this website. Besides that it also gives us the ability to participate in the ongoing discussions on Reddit, among many other features.
  • BBC- BBC is one of the many elite news channels from across the world. With BBC’s official application we can stay rest assured that we will receive every little detail and every bit of news as it happens.
  • CNN- CNN is also one of the elite news channels from around the world and similar to BBC’s official Android application, the CNN official application also provides every little bit and piece of news as it occurs and when it occurs.
  • Flipboard- Flipboard, after being a success on iOS, has arrived on Android. It’s now ready to provide its users with all the latest social news and hot articles from across the World Wide Web.
  • NewsRob- This nifty little application adopts many of Google Reader’s features along with the features its users have been asking for from Google Reader. NewsRob has a user interface that is similar to Google Reader. Basically it is an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader faster than any other application and provides us with all the latest news as soon as possible.
  • Pulse- Thanks to its rich UI and intriguing bundle of features, Pulse is a fan favorite when it comes to news apps for Android.
  • Pocket- Pocket allows us to read the articles we want to read offline by saving them on our devide.
  • StumbleUpon- StumbleUpon simply lets you stumble upon new web content if you are bored from what you usually see. In addition, it does all this with one single tap.
  • ABC News- ABC News is another intuitive application that provides you with news briefings and news bulletins at the speed of light. Seriously, this application is pretty fast.
  • USA Today- USA Today is an interesting little application that provides you with all the latest news from all over the United States on the go!

Lee is very keen on reading news every morning and he thinks that one needs to focus on every good thing that comes across. He uses a variety of internet mobile apps to download news and magazine articles that he can read on his phone.

Best Multiplayer Android Applications

As a gadget-fanatic, you are sure to keep up with all the latest news and reviews in the technology world. You have probably seen the latest news about Apple’s iPhone 5 and you may have been entertained by the fact that the maps application is faulty and has been sending people in all sorts of wrong directions and causing chaos.

If you like to play games with your friends, whether it’s linking up via your Xbox 360 to play Call of Duty, or it’s teaming up to play party poker on the PC together, then this blog post will show you a few great multiplayer games you and your friends might enjoy.


Think you know your music? Think again! This great game really puts your music knowledge to the test by getting you to guess either the artist or the song title after listening to a short clip. But there’s a catch – the longer it takes you to guess the song, the less points it is worth. You can choose out of a selection of genres, from Classic Rock and Love Songs to Disney theme tunes and Video Game tunes. Link up with your friends by either searching for their username or finding them on Facebook.

Draw Something

If you are quite a creative person then why not show off your doodling skills by challenging your friends to a round of Draw Something? If you correctly guess your opponent’s drawing (and vice versa) you will earn coins which you can use to buy new colors in your paint pallet. The harder the drawing, the more points it is worth. This game is best played on a device with a large screen like a tablet.

Words With Friends

Scrabble fans will love this word game; the app converts your phone into a virtual scrabble board where you simply drag and drop letters onto the grid to form words. For bonus points, remember to take advantage of the double and triple letter point scoring squares! You can challenge your Facebook friends or simply search for their username.

Catch Fish Ninja Style in Ninja Fishing

Here’s one exciting game that you will surely love that combines the elements of fruit ninja and fishing rolled into one. Introducing Ninja Fishing by Gamenauts, Inc. Featuring a cartoonist style graphics and innovative style game play, fans will surely love on how Ninja Fishing works out for you.

The game is simple to play and you take control of a ninja riding on a boat. The object is simple and that is to cast your line as deep as you can without ever snagging any fish in the process. If you manage to reach to the bottom of the sea or snag a fish on the way you have to capture as much fish as you can on your way up. The challenge, you don’t rely on virtual joysticks to control your line but rather you tilt your phone as controls. Catch as much fish as you can and slice and dice them up as you let them fly through your screen.  And just like Fruit Ninja, you have to be careful not to slice bombs along the way.

Ninja Fishing is a great game that heavily uses both touch and tilt controls. There are over 60 fishes to control and catching them all is not that easy. There are also treasure chest found with goodies inside. No game will ever be complete without powerups and Ninja Fishing has lots of them. You earn gold in the game in return you can use it to buy upgrades like katanas, brand new boats, fishing guides and a lot more.

Achievements are recorded in the game as well as a leader board to pit your score with other players in other regions. If you have always been a fan of slicing games then you will certainly love Ninja Fishing. Get you free copy now at the Google Play Store absolutely free.

Xperia mini pro and Live with Walkman receiving Android 4.0

Sony is continuing its commitment to product support by bringing the latest and greatest in Android to these mid-range phones. A few days ago we already let you know that the Xperia mini pro is getting Android 4.0 worldwide. The same seems to apply to the Sony Live with Walkman as well.

The updates are hardly surprising as the Sony update roadmap had it these two would be getting their ICS fix starting on the last week of May.

If you have an Xperia mini pro, you should get a notification on the screen asking you to update it. At this point you will have to connect the phone to the Sony PC Companion or Bridge for Mac and install the update.

If you haven’t received an update notification yet, keep an eye on the roll-out schedule.